The Covenant of Life,
Lagos is a mission
and has a mission

Who We Are

While our Vision at The Covenant of Life is to engender a Kingdom Army of Spirit-filled, thoroughly trained believers with a passion to see God’s Kingdom come as Agents of Transformation taking the Value system or culture of the Kingdom to every strata and sector of Human Existence; The Covenant of Life (Lagos) is a mission and has a mission – THE REVIVAL!

The 1930 – Revival led by The Apostle Ayodele Babalola of Christ Apostolic Church is our Heritage and, thus, Our Case-Study even as we prepare for the year 2030 as spoken in our journey for a decade with the Lord Jesus!

We therefore are in Lagos to;

Herald The Revival;

Campuses being the Mission Ground, thus, fulfilling the end-time revival strategy as prophesied while territories are our Mission Field for the Harvests.


Engender a 5000 Army of the Lord Jesus (PROJECT-5000) who will win the War and influence Nations by Righteousness (Standardization)!

National Transformation

Participate with the Birthing of Prophecies upon Nigeria, which translate into, National Transformation. E.g In a Christian Leadership meeting in the mid 80’s where Pa S.G Elton(a towering Apostolic and Prophetic Vessel), a missionary in Nigeria for 50 Years, was a guest speaker. In that meeting he made the prophetic utterance: NIGERIA AND NIGERIANS WILL BE KNOWN ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR CORRUPTION. YOUR NAME-NIGERIA WILL STINK FOR CORRUPTION BUT AFTER A WHILE A NEW PHASE WILL COME – A PHASE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. PEOPLE FROM THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH WILL HOLD TO A NIGERIAN AND SAY, WE WANT TO FOLLOW YOU TO YOUR NATION TO GO AND LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Transformation and Empowerment of The Kingdom Army

Fulfil one of our corporate values which is a commitment to building wholistic Individuals.
Thus, the Salvation, Transformation and Empowerment of The Kingdom Army engendered for the extension of THE AWAKENING through the 7 spheres of Influence.