The Covenant
of Life



While our Vision at The Covenant of Life is to engender a Kingdom Army of Spirit-filled, thoroughly trained believers with a passion to see God’s Kingdom come as Agents of Transformation taking the Value system or culture of the Kingdom to every strata and sector of Human Existence; The Covenant of Life (Lagos) is a mission and has a mission – THE REVIVAL!

The 1930 – Revival led by The Apostle Ayodele Babalola of Christ Apostolic Church is our Heritage and, thus, Our Case-Study even as we prepare for the year 2030 as spoken in our journey for a decade with the Lord Jesus!

We therefore are in Lagos to;

  • Herald The Revival; campuses being the Mission Ground, thus, fulfilling the end-time revival strategy as prophesied while territories are our Mission Field for the Harvests.
  • Engender a 5000 Army of the Lord Jesus (PROJECT-5000) who will win the War and influence Nations by Righteousness (Standardization)!
  • Participate with the Birthing of Prophecies upon Nigeria, which translate into, National Transformation.
    E.g In a Christian Leadership meeting in the mid 80’s where Pa S.G Elton(a towering Apostolic and Prophetic Vessel), a missionary in Nigeria for 50 Years, was a guest speaker. In that meeting he made the prophetic utterance: NIGERIA AND NIGERIANS WILL BE KNOWN ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR CORRUPTION. YOUR NAME-NIGERIA WILL STINK FOR CORRUPTION BUT AFTER A WHILE A NEW PHASE WILL COME – A PHASE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. PEOPLE FROM THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH WILL HOLD TO A NIGERIAN AND SAY, WE WANT TO FOLLOW YOU TO YOUR NATION TO GO AND LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS.
  • Fulfil one of our corporate values which is a commitment to building wholistic Individuals.
    Thus, the Salvation, Transformation and Empowerment of The Kingdom Army engendered for the extension of THE AWAKENING through the 7 spheres of Influence.

On this Mission, Welcome to The Covenant of Life, Lagos.
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